Carrers Beyond Disability
Home Base - Owner provides and/or coordinates services by telephone from a home base location. May have employees providing on-site services. The start up cost tends to be the least expensive of all business models. Very good option for individuals requiring flexible work hours and controlled environment.
Commercial - Owner's base of operation is in a low rent, cost effective location. Inventory and equipment are stored and/or space is used for product production. Service or product is brought to the customer location by employees. This model has more of a start up cost due to the rent, inventory, equipment, and salaries.
Retail - The location is found in malls, strip malls, or stand alone buildings. This model is focused on servicing the public and needs a location that attracts the clientele. Due to the rent, inside furnishing, and salaries, this model is usually the most expense business to start.
Business Models
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